Dental Extraction: Best Way to get rid of Impacted Tooth

A dental extraction is never the first solution a dentist will offer you but it is sometimes required to preserve your overall dental health. 

There are multiple reasons why you might need to have a tooth extracted. Before considering extraction, our dentist in Denver, CO, at Atlantic Dental will make every effort to repair and restore your tooth.

What Is a Tooth or Dental Extraction?

Tooth extraction is a dental procedure that entails removing the tooth from its socket. It is recommended only when alternative treatments, such as root canal treatment, cannot save the tooth and prevent the infection from spreading to other areas of your mouth. 

If you have severe tooth decay that affects the underlying nerve, an infected tooth that does not respond to antibiotics or root canal therapy, teeth that are improperly positioned or overcrowding, tooth trauma causing irreparable damage, problematic wisdom teeth, or gum disease causing loss of bone and tissue supporting the tooth, our dentist in Denver, CO, may recommend extracting the tooth.

Types of Dental Extractions 

Simple Extraction

A simple extraction involves the removal of a visible tooth. For simple dental extractions, the dentist will numb the tooth area and gum tissue before loosening the tooth with an elevator tool and removing it with dental forceps.

Surgical Extraction

A surgical extraction is a more complex operation for teeth that have broken off at the gum line or are not visible. For surgical dental extractions, our dentist in Denver, CO, will make a small incision in your gum and extract the remaining tooth piece by piece.

When Do You Need A Dental Extraction?

Crowded Teeth

If you have all four wisdom teeth, your mouth may get crowded and your other teeth may begin to overlap. This can eventually lead to chewing and biting issues, as well as a crooked smile. Dental extractions prepare the mouth for orthodontic treatments.


Damaged or decayed teeth can cause infections that extend to the nerves and blood vessels of the tooth. Infections can also be caused by bacteria in the mouth that accumulates and then spreads to the gums and jawbone. For severe tooth infections and to prevent complications, our dentist in Denver, CO, may recommend dental extraction.

Gum Disease

Periodontal or gum disease is a bacterial infection that affects the bones and tissues that support the teeth. In some cases, the affected teeth need to be extracted. 

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