Everything you need to Know about Dental Extractions

A dental extraction is the removal of a tooth from the mouth. The tooth may be impacted or stuck below the gum line, or it may need to be pulled due to pain, infection, or crowding. A dental extraction is often performed under local anesthesia, but sedation or general anesthesia may also be used.

When are dental extractions needed?

While teeth are designed to last a lifetime, there are instances in which extraction is the best option. The teeth may need to be pulled for a wide variety of reasons, including:

- Severe periodontal disease

- Severe tooth decay that cannot otherwise be treated

- Impacted wisdom teeth

- Orthodontic misalignment

- Facial trauma

What happens during a Dental Extraction?

Before a dental extraction begins, your dentist will numb the area with a local anesthetic. If your tooth is impacted, your dentist will cut away the surrounding gum tissue and any additional bone that is keeping your tooth in place. Your dentist may need to break your tooth into smaller pieces in order to remove it. In some cases, your dentist may have to remove a section of your jawbone.

Once your tooth is removed, your dentist will stitch the incision. 

Types of dental extractions

- Single Tooth Extraction

- Surgical Extraction

Aftercare following a dental extraction procedure

Following your dental extraction procedure, you will likely experience some bleeding. This is normal. Bite down on a cotton gauze pad for approximately 15 minutes. You may need to change the gauze pad, but do not allow the bleeding to continue. If the bleeding continues, contact our office.

It is important to avoid spitting or using a straw as this can cause the blood clots to dislodge from the socket. To promote healing, rinse your mouth with warm salt water 3 times a day. Once the bleeding stops and you feel comfortable, you can brush and floss gently as usual, remembering to avoid the site of the extraction.

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