Is It Time for You to Consider Teeth Whitening?

Have you been concerned about your yellow teeth? If you have been. It is right about time for a teeth whitening session. It is considered an ideal treatment for patients who prefer to attain a smile transformation in a single appointment at the dentistry. 

Who Is a Candidate for Teeth Whitening?

Patients who have discolored or stained teeth are candidates for teeth whitening procedures. The process helps to remove the sticky yellow layer from the surface of the teeth. Patients with periodontal diseases and tooth sensitivity are not candidates for the treatment.

What are the Advantages of Teeth Whitening?

  • Teeth whitening is a non-invasive dental procedure. 
  • It is a safe procedure that does not cause any side effects to people.
  • The procedure helps to enhance the overall appearance of the patient.
  • Teeth whitening boosts the self-esteem of the patient regarding their smile. 
  • It promotes better dental hygiene in patients.

Is Professional Teeth Whitening Safe?

Professional teeth whitening is the safest procedure. It is performed by experienced dentists after evaluating the patients' dental condition. The dentists enquire about all the information regarding the patient's heath to analyze if they are appropriate for the treatment. Compared to whitening kits available at the stores, professional teeth whitening helps to provide better results to the patients. 

How is Teeth Whitening Performed?

The dentist performs teeth whitening in a single dental appointment at the dentistry. The whitening gel that contains hydrogen peroxide is used for the process. A layer of whitening gel is evenly applied to the teeth by the dentist. A curing light is flashed on the teeth to increase the effect of the gel on the teeth. It should be left on the teeth for a span of 15 minutes. To attain the desired results, the dentist applies another coat of gel on the teeth and repeats the procedure. After the process, the mouth is thoroughly rinsed to remove any remaining gel on the teeth.

Consult the Dentist

Teeth whitening is an excellent treatment for patients who want a quick cosmetic fix. It provides bright and radiant results to the patient in a limited time. 

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