Dental Surgery in Denver CO

Dental Surgery in Denver CO

Dental surgery is a general phrase for various medical operations involving the gums and teeth. Root canals, implants, and wisdom teeth extraction are examples of these procedures. Dental surgery aims to treat any dental problems you may have. You may feel anxious when you hear the words "dental surgery," but you will be given suitable anesthesia and sedatives to keep you comfortable throughout the process.

Types of Dental Surgeries

Root Canal Treatment

The purpose of this procedure is to remove the deteriorated tooth structure as well as the diseased pulp. When germs invade the tooth pulp, it results in jaw pain and swelling. The pain will be relieved, and additional tooth decay will be prevented by treating the damaged teeth. Root canal therapy is a type of dental treatment that helps protect a tooth from decay and pain without extracting it.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction 

The last molars in an adult's jaw are extracted in a wisdom tooth extraction surgery. These molars develop between the ages of 17 and 25. These teeth are extracted to prevent deterioration and jaw pain, and the area is stitched to minimize excessive bleeding. Your dentist will advise you on proper hygiene and safe practices to help you recover quickly.

Surgical Reconstruction

When someone has suffered facial damage due to an accident, this surgery is frequently performed. Reconstruction is required when the soft tissue in the mouth, jawbone, or teeth is injured. Reconstruction surgery's major purpose is to repair the jawbone and bone structure.

Cosmetic Surgery 

This surgery seeks to improve the patient's physical appearance, particularly their smiles. It includes procedures such as orthodontics, which is a quick and painless procedure that may be done in our dentist's office. 

Dental implants 

It is a relatively lengthy operation that takes two to six months to complete since it involves several phases to restore the damaged/missing tooth from the jaw. Furthermore, the decaying tooth is completely replaced during this treatment. The surgeon will build canals in the jawbone to properly align the tooth with the jawbone.

After the surgery, you are expected to rest, take all the necessary precautions, and follow the given instructions properly to promote proper recovery.

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