Dentures in Denver CO

Dentures in Denver CO

Dentures offer a solid and durable teeth replacement option. Modern dental technology developments have made permanent dentures a trouble-free option for having a beautiful smile and proper bite. Today, you can modestly replace your teeth without the hassle associated with artificial teeth of past generations.

Our dental team at Atlantic Dental in Denver provides affordable full and partial dentures to ultimately restore your oral functions and smile aesthetics.

Are You a Candidate For Dentures?

Generally, anybody missing most or all of their teeth is an ideal candidate for conventional full arch dentures. When tooth loss is minimal and you have a healthy number of remaining teeth, partial dentures may be better suited.  To enable the correct adhesion of the dentures, you should have sufficient jawbone density. If tooth decay or gum disease is present, those problems will need to be addressed before proceeding with denture appliances.

Full Dentures 

Full dentures comprise a gum-colored base and false teeth designed to match your natural tooth enamel for accurate results. The prosthetic appliance will be custom-fabricated to rest firmly and comfortably over your gums. The dentures depend on the mouth’s suction force and a dental adhesive to hold them in position. Ideally, the dentures must be removed every night to clean and allow your gums to rest while you sleep.

To construct your denture appliance, we will take a series of X-rays and mouth impressions to create a 3D model of your smile. This model will be sent over to our dental lab, where your customized denture will be fabricated. The fabrication process generally takes three to four weeks. During your follow-up appointment, we will check your new denture fittings and instruct you on caring for the restoration at home.

Partial Dentures

When tooth loss occurs in different sections of your mouth, but you still have a healthy number of remaining teeth, we may recommend a partial denture. Similar to full dentures, partial dentures also have a gum-colored acrylic base and natural-looking false teeth. They will be attached to a metal base with tiny claps that anchor on the adjacent teeth to keep the denture in position. Partial dentures can be quickly taken out for cleaning and allow your gums to rest at night.

Immediate Dentures

Immediate dentures are prefabricated appliances secured in your mouth while you wait for your permanent restoration. These dentures will help prevent the decline of your jawbone until you can wear your new dentures.

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